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About Me

Every Small Business’ Part -Time Marketer

Hi, I’m Kelci, owner of KelCreative and a Marketing professional with 10 years’ experience. I recently left an amazing career in corporate marketing to help small businesses just like yours. I kept hearing the same thing from business friends and connections, everyone needs help with their marketing but they don’t have the hours or resources to pay someone full time. They also don’t have the budget for the high-scale agencies. 

That’s when I realized…

If I was affordable, had the time, and had the skills, I could be everyone’s part-time marketer who never needed to be put on the payroll. 

I love the way that social media and digital marketing have revolutionized the way we sell to our customers.

Remember those newspaper ads with the special promo codes to help businesses track their return on investment? What a pain. The most amazing part about digital marketing is being able to see real-time success at the click of a button. 

But that does come at a price.

That price is time. Time to learn the platforms, time to make the content, time to schedule the content, and in the long run, the time you’d rather spend on other things in your business that make more sense to you. 

That’s where I come in, you work on your stuff and I’ll do the marketing. 



Social Media

From content creation, scheduling and ad creation, I'll meet with you to find out your goals on what you're looking to achieve on your social channels!


Email Marketing

Email campaigns can directly impact the sale of your product or service. If it's the creation, the CTAs or the list creation you need help with, I got it!


E-Commerce Set up

Keep up with the recent trends of online shopping! Don't get bogged down with online storefront set-up or social media product tagging.


Special Projects

These one-off projects can be anything from a Grand Opening Event, hosting a webinar or a book launch.

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If you, or one of your employees, just wants to learn how to do all of this on your own then let me teach you!


A Second Opinion

Unsure about your current strategy, website layout, social media posts etc? Get a full report with suggestions.

Interested in getting a quote?

Services are billed per hour based on the required project. By filling out the form it’ll give us a baseline to work from and we’ll connect as soon as possible to learn more about what you need off your plate! 

Need Help?

I'm here to answer any questions you might have about social media or digital marketing. [email protected]